Payroll software that support all business types

Payroll blocks grouped by branch
  • Manage full-time, part-time and temporary employees with monthly, daily, weekly or hourly salary rates. Working days can either be fixed or calendar days.
  • Add fixed allowances and deductions in employee contracts that are included in HRMS payroll each month. Loans can also be setup based on a fixed repayment schedule.
  • Configure tax deductions in the employee contracts including default tax deductions such as Personal Allowance, Personal Expense and non-default such as spouse allowance, child allowance, parent’s allowance, insurance payments, donations etc.
  • For social security and provident funds, the employee and employer % contributions can be the same or different.
  • Add leave allowances in employee contracts for both paid and unpaid leaves. These are automatically linked to eLeave on mobile.
  • Add additional information to the employee contracts using custom fields.
  • Add multiple contracts to an employee to manage promotions such as salary updates, position updates etc.
  • Setup monthly, bi-monthly or weekly payment schedules against each branch.
  • Setup payment cut off dates for salary, overtime, expense claims and more.
Payroll blocks grouped by branch


Reduce payroll system processing time from days to hours

Reduce payroll system processing time from days to hours
  • All payments and deductions including salary, fixed allowances, social security, tax, provident fund etc. are calculated automatically. All amounts are prorated for new joiners, leavers and promotions based on contract dates and payment period.
  • Alternatively, upload the payroll excel file with payments and deductions such as salary, tax, social security etc. directly into the system and replace the system calculated values.
  • Upload commissions, bonuses and other variable payments with smart upload templates in a matter of minutes.
  • Allowances and deductions such as diligent, meal, late, absent etc. are automatically calculated based on preconfigured rules.
  • Expense claims (reimbursements), overtime payments and unpaid leave deductions are automatically included from approved requests and timesheets.
Reduce payroll system processing time from days to hours


On-time salary transfers with bank files and ePayslips

Generate local and international bank files for salary transfer
  • Generate bank files from approved hrms payrolls for online salary transfers. All local and international banks are supported.
  • Notify employees to access their ePayslips in the mobile app.
  • Set the format of the ePayslips using our standard templates or customize them based on your requirements. Company logo and address can also be included in the ePayslip.
  • Admins can also print payslips from the app in .pdf format.
Generate local and international bank files for salary transfer


Use reports to make smart business decisions

Generate government and standard reports
  • Generate Monthly and Yearly Government Reports including PND1, PND3, SSO 1-10, WHT 50 Tawi, KT 20 etc. Both online and offline submissions are supported.
  • Generate standard reports such as payment summary, payment details, tax deduction, severance payments and more. The report columns can be modified according to your requirement using our smart designer
  • View cloud payroll dashboards displaying monthly and YTD payment summaries grouped by company, branch and department
  • All reports can be exported to formats of your choice including excel and pdf.
Generate government and standard reports
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